ANKY Bell Boots Soft Copper med Glitter

370 kr

Skinande boots i lackat konstläder med glittrande detaljer. Neopren fodring och mjuk fårskinnsfodring längst upp . Bootsen är lätta, andas och kan tvättas i maskin. Enkla att använda då de har kardborrelås.

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Let your horse shine with the ANKY® Climatrole Soft & Shiny over reach boots! These lightweight over reach boots are specially designed with a lining made of shock-absorbing neoprene. The outer is finished with perforated synthetic patent leather. The underlying technical metal coating shines through the perforations, which allows for a flashy look. The boots feature a luxurious sheepskin lining around the top, made of 100% genuine medically tanned sheepskin. This material absorbs moisture; is permeable to air; removes heat and is also very soft. Especially suitable for horses with sensitive skin! The over reach boots have a secure folded back Velcro closure and can be put in the washing machine. Over reach boots serve to prevent injury to the hoof and bulbs caused by striking. Complete this shiny set with the ANKY® horse boots Climatrole Shiny.

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Konstläder med skinande detaljer. Fodring i neopren och fårskinn.

The Sheepskin Bell Boot is edged at the top with genuine sheepskin and matches the Technical Climatrole Boot.
The Boots are lightweight and machine washable.


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