ANKY® Under Bandages Cooldry ATB17008

450 kr

ANKYs populära benpaddar som förstärkts nertill. Säljes i set av 4 stycken paddar.

These comfortable ANKY® bandage pads are lined with Cooldry. This material is known for its good moisture wicking and breathable qualities.

The bandage pads have a tricot outer and the bottom is reinforced to protect the hoof area. The pads are vertically quilted and filled with foam for a perfect fit under stable, exercise and travel bandages. The bandage pads not only provide protection from shocks, but also allow for an even pressure distribution of the bandages on the leg. The bandage pads feature a convenient Velcro closure, which allows you to quickly fasten them during bandaging. Set of 4 pieces.

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Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm. Machine washable.

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